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(1)  How does Latin Life Mates function?

(2)  Why do so many beautiful girls want to be a member of Latin Life Mates?

(3)  Can I go to Colombia on my own and save the large membership fee?

(4)  Do I need to write letters first?

(5)  I am just an average looking guy. Why would a beautiful girl be interested in me?

(6)  Are there really exceptional women in Colombia?

(7)  How difficult is it for her to come to the United States for a visit?

(8)  Is age difference a factor?

(9)  Are these women only trying to come to the United States?

(10)  I have heard Colombia is a dangerous country?

(11)  How can I meet and marry a woman in 1-3 weeks?

(12)  Where should I stay when in Colombia?

How does Latin Life Mates function?

Once you decide to become a member of LLM, you may either email our ladies in Bogota or ,like the majority of our members who are eager to meet and marry that special someone, you will take the initiative and travel to this beautiful metropolis where your future bride awaits. We offer many travel options to fit your particular needs.

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Why do so many beautiful girls want to be a member of Latin Life Mates?

They want to meet Foreign men. Your looks, age and race aren't important. Your personal style is.They look up to you.You are also thought to be more respectful and sensitive, than a man living in their country. Latin American men living in Latin America (not the USA) are perceived as machetes.They don't treat their women well and many have girlfriends on the side. For this reason, even the families of the girls want them to find a sincere man living outside of their country.

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Can I go to Colombia on my own and save the large membership fee?

Yes, of course you can, particularly if you speak good Spanish and have friends in Colombia you can stay with. This approach will take considerably more time to complete and involves a much greater risk. Remember all of our female members have paid a fee to join LLM - this is extremely important because it tells you that they are equally motivated (no tire kickers here). We have a complete file on all of our female members- no prostitutes or undesirables in our membership. We make it easy for you to succeed and reduce the possibility of your making a bad choice.

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Do I need to write letters first?

No. Our system is tried & true and time proven. Our personnel in Colombia accommodate approximately 35 to 50 clients per month. Most of these clients have NOT written any letters. They are meeting 5-10 quality women day after day. You choose the ladies you want to meet and our office staff arranges the meetings. This way, you don't waste valuable time and money. We always recommend that clients travel ASAP after becoming a member. If you truly desire a special woman, our system allows you to do just that in an "optimum" time frame. If you cannot travel within 90 days, then you may write or e-mail letters to as many ladies as you wish.

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I am just an average looking guy. Why would a beautiful girl be interested in me?

You are not average in her eyes, you're special! Your personal qualities of sensitivity and trust are what makes you attractive. They look up to dependable men and are convinced that men from the United States are much more faithful. On this subject we usually recommend our members be realistic. It is our experience that you can deduct about 10 years off the age of a woman you would normally date in this country. If you’re a 50-year-old man, it may be best to look for a woman in the 30-40-age range.

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Are there really exceptional women in Colombia?

Colombian women are exceptional in many ways. They are genuine, gorgeous, v honest, dedicated and are "starving" for love and affection from one, good, LOYAL man who will show her love and respect. She cannot find these traits in the typical "macho" Colombian male. They are positive about life and are content with themselves. Their overall beauty is renowned by those of us who have experienced it first hand. They don’t go to bars or clubs to meet men, and most do not smoke. They will give you respect and loyalty if you do likewise. The Colombian women trust us and confide in us what type of men they wish to marry. Most of our members in Colombia are unapproachable by the man in the street.

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How difficult is it for her to come to the United States for a visit?

Not difficult at all. Many of our ladies already have a visa and can come immediately. Others can file for a fiancée visa that will allow them to visit the US for 90 days. Since 1990 we have had only one fiancée visa denied.

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Is age difference a factor?

In most instances, NO. Quite often, It’s a definite plus! They appreciate mature and stable men. They like experienced men who will be loyal. Many of our clients are divorced and that's never considered a negative by Colombian women. Because of their attitudes and youthfulness, Colombian women represent Fountain of Youth to many men who otherwise think that they're over the hill!

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Are these women only trying to come to the United States?

Colombian women have families who love them, come from a traditional culture and have close friends. They're not over anxious to give up everything just to come here. The one thing they lack the most is a loyal, decent man who will love and respect them. These women are very well educated and most have professional skills. They are not over anxious to marry the wrong person anymore than you'd be! These women are however, willing to relocate for a meaningful relationship.

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I have heard Colombia is a dangerous country?

Not anymore dangerous than any other major city in the United States. All of our offices are located in very safe areas. Yes, Colombia is dangerous if you live or travel in the countryside, where there is incidence of kidnapping or terrorism people. We have been doing business in Colombia since 1990 with no incidents. Americans are well liked in Colombia. Our staff is always available to watch over you and make sure your stay is incident free. It certainly wouldn’t help our reputation if any of our members were to ever come into harms way. With that said, like any other foreign country you always want to be aware of your surroundings and those you interact with.

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How can I meet and marry a woman in 1-3 weeks?

These women are very positive, outwardly friendly and enthusiastic in knowing you as quickly as possible. They are not hiding anything and are willing to let you know them in depth. They are so natural about everything and enjoy eye contact and in depth conversation. The Colombian woman is content within herself. Approximately 85% of the women have never been married. They have intelligent and lively personalities. In fact, Colombian culture is very refreshing, not so regulated and people are content with life.

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Where should I stay when in Colombia?

Your best bet is to stay at our facility because:

  1. It’s safe
  2. All staff members are bilingual.
  3. Good phone system together with television and radio in each room.
  4. It’s next to the LLM agency, so between appointments you can go to your room to freshen up.
  5. The room rates are competitive
  6. You will meet many female members casually who just happen to be visiting the hotel.
  7. Major credit cards accepted. Please follow our good advice and stay at our facility so as to maximize your exposure to the ladies and minimize dangers of traveling back and forth.
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