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Lost Or Stolen Password Policy

Latin Lifemates takes the loss of a Password very seriously. As we allow you to access secure areas of this site by the issuing of Passwords, we assume you will be responsible and protect this Password from being lost or stolen and the privilege from being abused. Therefore, in an effort to keep our Members Section secure, to reduce fraud and to minimize the wasting of server resources, we have instituted the following policy.

  • No Passwords are stored in plaintext which is humanly readable.
  • Username and Password information is stored in an on-line database.
  • Passwords are encrypted before being stored in the databases utilized on this site.
  • No staff members or administrators of this site can reset passwords for individual users.

The resetting of a Password is a three step process:

  1. Formally request the Password to be reset by filling in the form to the right
  2. Enter the 25 character pass-code received by email
  3. Set new Password

Request Password Change

Complete the form below to formally request the ability to change your password on this system. You must provide all of the information requested to successfully submit a password change. We will check the information supplied against the information in our database.

Once your information is successfully validated against the information in our database, we will email you a password revision key code and detailed instructions.