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Testimonials of Couples

Dave & Ruby

Last year I was at a personal low, at 31 years old, I had just gotten out of a 3 year roller coaster relationship with an American woman. I don't know why but in the back of my mind I had this thing for latin women, having studied a lot of Spanish and still attending weekly Spanish conversation groups, and being single again, I had this desire to meet a latina. So I was perusing through a newspaper, you know one of those free weekly papers with things-to-do, personal ads, restaurant ads, and the rest. Well on the back was an ad "15 latinas for every guy." This grabbed my attention and I called the number and requested literature. I asked a few questions but in the back of my mind I was a little skeptical, my first thought was that this is probably some kind of deal where they send you to a red light district and the women get a cut of your membership fee.

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Josh & Marta
Dear Jim,

I know this letter is a bit late in coming , but I felt it appropriate as my 2nd wedding anniversary approaches. When I came across your service I was somewhat apprehensive as to the concept of meeting , falling in love and eventually marrying a woman from another country who was willing to leave everything she knew for a life with someone foreign to her in so many ways. I would soon be proved wrong.

I first made contact with Marta via email and after 2 months I took your advice and went to meet her in person. It was as if we'd known each other for years. Within 90 days we were to marry and settle in my hometown of Houston. Marta has picked up where she left off in Bogota and just began nursing school and we hope to begin a family soon.

I understand life holds no guarantees , but if the past is any indication of our future together, words can never express my gratitude for your service and the many lives that have changed in so many ways.

our Good Friend
Josh R.

Peter & Alexandra
Dear Jim,

Joining your organization and visiting your Bogata facility has truly been the realization of a goal of mine. Meeting Alexandra, falling in love (rather quickly), the wedding is set for February and I am very excited... pumped! She is the sweetest girl I have ever met and so full of life. The chemistry was certainly there from the moment we met. I cannot say enough about your staff and the quality of your female members in Colombia. This was the third "Latin type" organization that I tried- but the first one that delivered the "goods"!

Sincere Thanks, 
Peter E,

Roger and Paola
Dear Jim,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for all the help and advice you and your staff provided me so many years ago. Who would believe that Paola and I would be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this year. I remember how skeptical I was when I was thinking of joining Latin Lifemates. Looking back on it now, I couldn't imagine my wife if I did join.

We have two beautiful children now, and I consider myself such a lucky guy to have such a beautiful and loving wife and mother for our children. Many thanks again for you and your team, and the services you provide.


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