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Thursday Apr 16, 2015


Subject: American men love Latin women

The travel site did a survey of its members on what
nationalities of the opposite sex they think are sexiest.  Colombia, Brazil
and Spain are in the top four!  

Sexiest Nationalities for Women (from 13,259 US males)

1. Colombian
2. Brazilian
3. American
4. Spanish
5. Russian
6. Dutch
7. French
8. Bulgarian
9. Swedish
10. Italian


32 years old

Paula Andrea
30 years old

27 years old

Adriana Maria
47 years old

Latin Lifemates Inc. - a marriage agency - was incorporated in 1990 to assist single men in meeting and marrying Latin women. The Colombian women are famous worldwide for their inner and outer beauty. These beautiful girls pay a fee to join and they are the reason we are still successfully operating after all these years. Our marriage agency today is the most respected and successful marriage agency in the world introducing beautiful single Latin women to serious gentlemen.
You can enjoy one of our singles tours or travel by yourself any day of the year and our experienced staff will connect you with these beautiful single Latin ladies.

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